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Joyfully Raw

Healthier Living With Live Food

Other JoyRae Websites

JOY2U - "Mothership" for JoyRae's websites
Divine Lite - Electromagnetic Multidimensional Energy Healing
Give Me Back My Body - Reclaim integration/wholeness
Woman Awaken To Your Power - Celebrate 21st Century Goddess
The Conscious Mate - Creating More Conscious Romantic Couples
Ascended Master Portraits - Meet Your Spiritual Family
Reikigong - Medical QiGong & Reiki - Become A Healer
The Project "Earth" - A metaphysical primer - ebook/audio
Empoweru - Events for empowerment
LightRaeWarrior - Blog
Lightworks Holistic - Holistic Events
Angelic Messages - Divine Guidance
Joyfully Speaking - We Speak Joy

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Our activity includes the western states - mostly WA, OR, CA, AZ, NM, CO.

We do travel for healing clinics, expos, workshops and other events.

Let's see whether we can sync our schedules or create the first excuse for me to visit your area!


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We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you!  Please use the form here to connect!  Happy Raw!