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About Us

JoyRae Freeman is a Master Healer, Soul Coach, Health Activist, Writer, Workshop/Retreat Facilitator - whose journey has included a higher consciousness about food vibration and how it affects our health and our purpose.

Beginning in younger years when a trim body was the main agenda - JoyRae has extensively explored nutritional products, protein powders, herbal solutions and food principles such as PH balance and food combining.  Even though weight management was a motivation - JoyRae understood that health must be a basic factor considered in all meal and sustenance planning

Her kitchen included a juicer, food processor and NO microwave; the pantry and refrigerator/freezer contained NO pasta, bread, dairy, or meat products.  Stock items included a good variety of fresh produce, some chicken and fish.  During some early years, Monsanto, GMO, pesticides and produce source stickers had not fully become part of the conversation.

After attending a "Green Family" talk at Bastyr University in the Seattle area - JoyRae gave away her expensive juicer and began making green smoothies as part of a new stage for healthy diet.  After burning up multiple blender motors, she purchased a Vitamix, which is a known brand of 'serious' blender.  

While in the Seattle area, JoyRae was introduced to 'raw' food dining and when there were none to be found in Montana, she began to experiment with raw food recipes that seemed to find her.



JoyRae Loves RAW

At first, JoyRae resisted learning about raw food menus because she could see that raw food is a big universe and that food preparation could be very time consuming. 

BUT her body wanted it, kept insisting on having it; so she started with simple recipes and soon began creating full menus and hosting luncheons to willing guests.

Since then, the variety of recipe types has expanded and she creates original dishes regularly after coming to understand the chemistry and engineering of raw foods.