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Joyfully Raw

Healthier Living With Live Food

You ARE What You Eat!

Your body is smart and a miracle.  The cells know what to do for balance and health.  BUT - we consume commercialized foods, which damage the cells, speed up the aging process AND lead to serious illness and disease.  Most of you are paying 'them' to kill you!

Raw Chef Menus - Healthy & Delicious

Raw food is NOT just salad bars and relish trays. The world of raw food is huge and beautiful

My intent is to assist more people in learning about raw menus and to provide them hands on instructions for creating a variety of menu items to enhance a healthier diet. Preparing raw food recipes is different than cooking food. It's a new approach and seems a bit complex at first, but only because it's different. It's SO wonderful, delicious and well worth learning. My job is to help you understand how it works so that you and your family can benefit.  I start you out with a variety of recipes and basic principles and you can build from there or we can do follow up classes when new types of recipes are appropriate.

Raw food is ALIVE. Cooked food is dead, devoid of nutrients.  Your body assimilates, digests raw food more easily and receives the benefits immediately. 

As a society, we cannot afford to eat processed foods, GMO foods, poisoned with pesticides and other chemicals foods . .  and then turn to major medical to 'fix' us when our bodies begin falling apart at tragically younger ages.


Your Body Loves It!

You will notice::

  • More physical vitality
  • Better mental clarity
  • Emotional balance
  • Clear skin
  • Sharper eye sight
  • Loss of extra weight
  • Better sleep habits


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